ALMA – GPS-safety vest / jump suit BLACK FRIDAY SUNNUNTAI


Light, breathable and water-proof suit for your hunting dog. When the vest is proper size, snow doesn’t accumulate inside the west in winter.
According to tests even if some snow gets inside the vest, it will melt inside the vest due to the dogs body heat and not collect ice.
The chest is protected well on the dog, because the vests chest part is wide and materials durable. Vainu trouser part can be attached to this vest, which changes it into a jump suit

  • Vest colors: safety Orange
  • Front and sides have 2,5cm wide reflectors.
  • Closed using a zipper and Velcro cover pad.
  • Cover pad’s both ends have buttons.
  • water resistant material.
  • Belly-side flap made from Cordura fabric.
  • Nylon strap secures durability.
  • The front leg holes are designed so it’s easy to move in and the vest doesn’t prevent certain movements.
  • Walking leash ring, for temporary walking.
  • Inside the vest is wide Velcro pads on the back and bellyside. They are used to attack the pants piece, which turns the vest into an overall.
  • The vest has “pee flap” which closes the trouser parts willie hole from male dogs.
  • Gps- is not waterproof. Gps- locator is placed in the pouch from the outside. Opened and closed at the side of the pouch with a zipper. The vest has a general purpose pouch, which fits the most usual collars. for example Trackers all models, Ultrapoint novus,R10, Red collars, Garmin DC 40, 50, T5. Most with their collar. The pouch is reinforced with a strap.

Products sizes are 1-5, which are designed for dachshunds and other similar sized hunting dogs.

measure your dog according to the Measuring guide and compare to the size sheets measurements

Size sheet

  • The vest can be provided with a phone number and the name of the dog printed for additional 10€
  • Safety light with attachments 24€ (red or blue)
  • Attachments only for safety light 7€
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