ELLI half-choke snow camo collar


Gorgeous collars now with camo pattern.
Soft collar, that is shaped to be curvy
The curvature improves comfort for the dog and fits the dogs neck better.
The black strap that is at the center of the collar, has reflectors on each side.
A black edging ribbon circles the soft center. The collars inner side is black.

Size Slide Overall length Height

21cm 7cm 28cm 5cm

24cm 7cm 31cm 5,5cm

27cm 7cm 34cm 6cm

30cm 7cm 37cm 6,5cm

33cm 7cm 40cm 7cm

36cm 8cm 43cm 7cm

39cm 8cm 47cm 7cm

42cm 9cm 51cm 7cm

45cm 9cm 54cm 8cm

48cm 10cm 58cm 8cm

51cm 10cm 61cm 8cm

54cm 10cm 64cm 8cm


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