Fanni raincoat

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Fanni – rain coat

The coats main colour is woodland camo M05 and as a boost color, either safety orange or yellow.
The coats design is executed to conform to the dogs forms and lines. although such that even larger movements are possible.
The coat protects all important musclegroups well.
The coat has soft flexible loops for the hind legs that are comfortable for the dog and keeps the coat firmly in place.
The coat has reflector strips on both sides, also on the collars outer rim. The collar has an adjustable circumference with a string fastener from the outside.
The coats seams are made so they are not in contact with the dog, except for the collar, where the inside seams is covered with a bias tape.
The belly piece is shaped to a curve and conformed to the chest. Circumference is adjusted with the belly piece which has a velcro attachment on top of the back.
The coats outer fabric is water- and wind-proof.
The lining is knitted polyester fiber, which is hollow on the inside. The fiber and with it the knitted fabric is thin, light and pleasingly soft.
The knitted fabric moves moisture from the skin and dries quickly.
When washing the coat you should not use a fabric softener, so that the linings fibers don’t get blocked and lose its moisture moving ability.
Sizes according to lenght of back:
30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 ja 60cm
Dachshund sizes: 39, 43, 47 ja 51cm


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