REINO – GPS – jump suit

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• Color: orange and yellow
• front and sides have 2,5cm wide reflectors
• Zipper closure
• On both ends of the cover strip there are buttons, which ensure the cover stays closed.
• The chase overalls front covers the dogs chest and underbelly from scratching branches and especially female dogs nipples in winter from cold snow.
• The piece between the front legs is wear-resistant cordura, that is reinforced with a nylon strap.
• A male dogs testicles are also protected by the overall.
• In the male model there is a flap in front of the urine hole that turns to cover the hole when wading through snow.
• The hind legs have short pant legs that prevent snow from getting in.
• GPS-pouch is not waterproof. The device is placed in the pouch from outside the overall, the pouch has a zipper, that is under a cover strip.

  • The pouch is available with a general purpose pouch,(pictured) and 4 other manufacturer specific pouches.
    Trackers default model: G400, G500, G1000 ja Supra. Ultracoms: Novus, Avius, R10 and red collars. Garmin: DC 40, 50, T5. B-Bark with 1 and 2 batteries.
    The pouch is reinforced with a strap. You can also choose “other model” and add to additional information the devices model (and measurements)

• The product is tailored

Printing a phonenumber or name 10€
Orbilock flashing light red or blue with vest attachments 24€

  • Only the vest attachments for a flashing light (ex. Sportdog or Orbilock) 7€

GPS-chase overall
Dachshund, Beagle and Drever 98€
Finnish hounds, German pointers and other breeds 107€

Measuring guide
Neck circumference, at the collar

Chest circumference, behind the front legs

Waist cirfumference, in front of the hind legs

Back length, from the collar to the tails base

Distance between front and back legs

Distance from the collar to the start of hind legs, from below. For a male dog the same measurement but from the collar to willy

Chest width from the center

Distance between front legs

Front legs circumference

Hind legs circumference


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