GPS – Safety vest

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  • Colours: Orange, yellow or two-coloured orange/yellow
  • 3cm wide Scotchlite -reflectors in the front and the sides
  • Zip closure with a velcro cover
  • Buttons at the ends of velcro cover strip
  • Part between front legs durable Cordura, which is reinforced with a nylon strap.
  • Outer fabric layer durable cordura
  • Front of the vest protects dog’s chest and underbelly from scratching branches
  • Loop for a leash inside a small fabric pocket, meant for temporary walking, i.e. after a hunt and moving the dog to a car.
  • GPS-pocket is not waterproof. GPS locator is put in the pocket from inside the vest. Pocket available as custom work or a general pocket, as shown in the picture. Suitable for all Tracker models, Ultrapoint Novus, Garmin DC 40, 50 & T5. Pocket is reinforced with a nylon strip with reflectors at both ends.

Print of phone number and name 10€
Sportdog -safety light (red or blue) with attachments 24€

  • Pelkät liivikiinnikkeet vilkkuvalolle (esim. Sportdog tai Orbilock) 7€

Measuring instructions

Neck size at the collar

Chest size from behind the front legs

Back length from collar to base of tail

Back length from collar to base of tail


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