VAINU – Trouser part


Light, breathable and water-proof suit for your hunting dog. The pants are attached to the vest with 4 velcro pads.
For a male dog there is a urine hole, that is closed with a flap located in the vest. Female dogs have a bigger hole at the back than males so that urinating is possible.
Below the belly it is solid fabric. Back length is adjustable with velcro for 5cm.
Fitting spots for the velcro should be marked on the inner side of the vest, to be easier to find if you use the vest without the pants.
Behind the front velcro is a welt that gives flex to the suit when the dog runs. The welt part goes under the vest. Velcro attachment on the top of back and a button in the rear on top of velcro.

Safety colors: orange and yellow

Fits with models Alma and Vilma, Saga, Ronja, Sisu and Sulo. The vest must have counterparts for the velcro, so the pants stay on.
(for example Sisu and Sulo vests didnt have velcro for the pants part before spring 2019.)

Sizes for Dachshunds and other similar sized dog breeds.
Measure your dog according to the Measuring guide and compare to the size sheets measurements.

Size sheet




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