Hulda camo harness green

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Olive green padding and the camostraps are olive green, brown and black.
Padded harness is comfy when worn by a dog. Large adjustments for neck circumference and chest circumference.
Chest strap is removable, making smooth walking possbile without the whole harness turning from side to side as the dog moves.
O-ring at the front, making the harness usable as a reaction harness.
Reflectors on both sides of chest.
A flashing light can be mounted on the harness, either a Sportdog or Orbiloc.
You can also order the flashing light when you’re ordering the harness- (flashing light is not included in the harness price)

Sizes: XS, S, M and L
Adjustments: Minimum and maximum
XS: Neck 20 – 32cm Chest 28 – 43cm
S: Neck 29 – 48cm Chest 36 – 58cm
M: Neck 34 – 53cm Chest 52 – 85cm
L: Neck 40 – 71cm Chest 62 – 106cm

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