Mitra -multi-purpose jacket

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Mitra -multi-purpose jacket
64,50 € – 84,00 €

Mitra -multipurpose jacket lives up to its name. A thought through design made from quality materials. The multi-purpose jacket is a light rain coat to which you can add more features, such as warming, cooling or floating parts. Inside the jacket are fasteners and opposite fasteners in detachable parts. Detachable parts are sold separately.

5 different colour combinations. Pink, blue, red, olive green and orange combined with light grey and black.
The jacket has a reflector strip visible from all sides.
Outer fabric is waterproof and breathing.
The lining is made of coolmax fresh -knit. The fabric does not soak up moisture but moves it away from the surface when in touch with dog’s hair. This feature is based on the four channeled structure of the fiber.
At the back of the neckline there is an opening with a flap for leash.
The neckline also has a handle, which one can use to pull the dog out of water. Floating parts are sold separately.
The jacket has a piece that goes around the belly and attaches on top of the back, which helps keeping the jacket on without slipping. Another piece comes from between the front legs attaching to the other piece with a quick fastener on top of the back.
The front of the jacket makes even larger movements possible and gives plenty of room, especially when the dog is laying down.
Sizes: Back length: 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 For dachshunds: 39, 43, 47 ja 51

Heating lining
20,50 € – 23,50 €

Between the Coolmax -fabrics there is a heating layer of cotton wool. Cotton wool is made of thin fibers that can hold a lot of air. This works as an excellent insulation. Cotton wool is lighter than feathers and its insulating properties have been proven to be even better than those of feathers. The heating capabilities of the lining is also based on the ceramic microfibers’ ability to insulate and reflect body heat.

Cooling lining
22,50€ – 27,50 €

Between the Coolmax -fabrics there’s a cooling layer of COMFORTEMP material. Features of this materials include ability to cool the body down when it’s hot and keep the body warm when it’s cold. The material always aims to keep up an optimal temperature.


24,00 € – 27,00 €

Jacket can be equipped with floating parts. Especially in the winter, hardly anybody dresses up their dogs with life vests. Floating parts keep your dog afloat. When a dog gets trapped in water, they have a better chance of surviving and more time for their owner to save them. Floating lining also keeps the body warm in cold weather.

size 30 0-10 kg
size 35 5-15 kg
size 40 10-20 kg
size 45 20-35 kg
size 50 20-40 kg
size 55 20-45 kg
size 60 20-50 kg

For dachshunds:
size 39 0-10kg,
size 43 0-12kg,
size 47 0-12kg
size 51 0-15kg

Mitra -multi-purpose jacket size chart



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