SISU-safety vest


  • Colors: orange, yellow or 2-tone orange/yellow.
  • Front and sides have 2,5cm wide reflectors.
  • Closed by a zipper, with a Velcro cover flap.
  • Cover flap has buttons on both ends.
  • The piece between the front legs is wear-resistant durable cordura, which is reinforced with a nylon strap.
  • The vests front piece protects the dogs chest and underbelly from scracthing branches.
  • Leash attachment ring, meant for temporary walking. ex. chase catching and moving the dog into a car.

Phone number or name printing 10€

Orbiloc flashing light with vest attachments 24€

Only the attachments for a flashing light (ex. Sportdog or Orbiloc) 7€

Tailoring 10€

VAINU trouser part can be attached to the vest, making it an overall
Trouser parts are only for dachshund and other breeds of similar size.

Use the DOG MEASURING TUTORIAL and compare it with the chart sizes.

Size chart


Vilkkuvalo liivikiinnikkein

Sisältää vilkkuvalon ja liivikiinnikkeet. Valitse vilkun väri.

Pelkät liivikiinnikkeet vilkkuvalolle

(esim. Sportdog tai Orbilock)

Puhelinnumeron painatus

Kirjoita puhelinnumero (ja nimi tai esim. kaksi puhelinnumeroa)


Koiran mitat: Kaulan, rinnan ja lantion ympärys sekä selänpituus.

Tarrat liivin sisään Vainu housuosan kiinnitystä varten

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