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  • A fun accessory for sunny climates, or even if the sun doesn’t shine. Fits together with for example, Suomi-coat, snow-camo M05 heatcoat, Valtsu snow-camo coat or blue Mitra – multi-purpose coat.

Snow-camo M05 pattern combined with blue ribbon and the Finnish flag (size 3*4cm)

  • The caps inside is black, so it doesn’t dazzle the dog. Available with a longer visor or wider hat part.

Size | Head circumference | Hat parts width and visor length

1 | 21-26cm | 6cm
2 | 26-31cm | 7cm
3 | 31-36cm | 7cm
4 | 36-41cm | 8cm
5 | 41-46cm | 9cm
6 | 46-51cm | 10cm
7 | 51-55cm | 11cm

Measuring guide:

Head circumference

Distance between ears

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