SAANA wind / sleeping bag


A Wind bag is ideal for a dog when you need a light and compact break/sleeping bag.

The wind bag has attachment rings on the base corners, which can be used to attach it to the ground or to a tree.

The bag doesnt need a separate inner lining. The bases heat insulation is enough for a dog.
As the light RipStop fabric is water- and windproof. The dogs own bodyheat heats up the bag. However if u want you can dress the dog in a heatjacket before the bag.
The bases diameter is 65*65cm and the sides are 95cm high. The bag is tightened with a string and a tightener from the side.

Included is a storage bag for the wind bag. 

The outside and bases inner fabric is made from RipStop fabric, ultralight camo-pattern polyamide.

The base has a thick, wear resistant fabric and it’s insulated with 100g of ceramic fluff. It’s insulation properties are dependent on the ceramic microfibers ability to insulate and reflect the dogs body heat.

Overall weight is only about 600g

The wind bag fits 2 medium sized dogs (as in the picture from above, the second dog is completely inside the bag) But it’s more comfy if every dog has their own bag.




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