Safety vest / jump suit (Kopio)

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Trousers 34€

NEW product 2017

Light, breathing and waterproof outfit for your hunting dog. Legholes are designed to be as small as possible to prevent snow gathering inside the vest. If some amount of snow gets inside the vest, however, testing has proved that snow melts inside the vest due to the dog’s body heat and does not freeze. The chest area is well protected thanks to the wide chest part and durable materials. Trouser part fits for all new vests and turns any vest into jump suit.

Tilaa VAINU huosuosa erikseen!!!

  • Colours: Orange, yellow or two-coloured orange/yellow
  • 3cm wide Scotchlite -reflectors in the front and the sides
  • Zip closure with a velcro cover
  • Buttons at the ends of velcro cover strip
  • Materials are waterproof
  • Underbelly made of durable Cordura fabric
  • Nylon strap ensures durability
  • Leg holes at the front of the vest are designed for easy movement
  • Loop for a leash for temporary walking
  • Wide velcro strips inside the vest on the back and the belly. Trouser part can be attached with the velcro strips to create a jump suit
  • “pee flap” in the vest, which will close the willy hole for male dogs when using the trouser part

At this time sizes only available for dachshunds, other breeds will be introduced later.
Use the DOG MEASURING TUTORIAL and compare it with the chart sizes.

Size chart

  • The vests and trousers on the chart are default sizes. For custom made outfits additional cost is 10€
  • All products can be provided with a phone number and the name of the dog print for additional 10€
  • Safety light with attachments 24€ (red or blue)
  • Attachments only for safety light 7€
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